Mae Gilles: Founder of Mae's Art

Hey there, art enthusiasts! I'm Mae Gilles, the creative force behind Mae's Art, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my colorful universe of self-expression!

Melisa Auguste Founder of Mae's Art Studio

For the past ten years, I've embarked on an exhilarating journey to find the perfect means of channeling my true emotions, and guess what? Art stole the show! Each piece I create is a vibrant manifestation of freedom, spontaneity, and raw emotions inspired by the ever-evolving tapestry of today's world.

Now, picture this: a cozy studio space where the magic happens, my Art comes to life and beckons you to step into a world of creativity and wonder. At Mae's Art Studio, we're not just about canvases and painting but about creating experiences. We host fantastic kid's parties and adults' sip and paint sessions, transforming ordinary days into extraordinary memories in our vibrant community.

What sets me apart? Aside from being a proud Haitian American, I'm your go-to artist for all things abstract. I'm a one-woman creative powerhouse, from being your trusty art instructor to dabbling in mural design, clothing, recycled Art, body painting, wood crafting, and working on objects and canvases.

Mae's Art is more than abstract expressionism; it's a kaleidoscope of bright and vibrant colors that leap off the canvas and infuse energy into every space they touch. So, whether you're a seasoned art connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of creativity, join me on this thrilling ride through the captivating realm of Mae's Art. Let's paint the town colorful together! 🎨✨