Book a Children's Birthday Paint Party

Celebrate with a Birthday Paint Party! 🎉🎨

Embark on a magical journey of colors and laughter with Mae's Art Studio & Gallery—where kids' birthdays transform into unforgettable paint parties!

Dive into the world of imagination as Mae's Kids Paint Birthday Parties burst with vibrant colors and creative adventures. Every stroke is a step into a joyful realm of self-expression.

Tailor your child's celebration to perfection! From enchanting themes to delightful twists, our professional team is dedicated to creating a Kids Paint Birthday Party that's as unique as your little one. Watch their imagination come to life!

Our skilled instructor ensures that every paint party is not only a blast but also an opportunity for artistic growth. Whether your child is an aspiring artist or just starting their creative journey, Mae's is where imagination meets expert guidance.

Ready to turn your child's birthday into a masterpiece? Booking a Kids Paint Birthday Party at Mae's is as delightful as the event itself. Explore our array of themes, choose the perfect date, and let the celebration of colors begin!

Mae's Art Studio & Gallery is where the magic of birthdays comes to life through paint and laughter. Join us in creating moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Let the canvas be their playground!