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Dual Earthy 2-Piece Set

Dual Earthy 2-Piece Set

Make a statement in your home with our Dual Earthy 10x20 artwork. This mesmerizing 2-piece creation boasts a stunning depth, achieved through layered paint pour techniques that create a mystical and serene visual appeal reminiscent of the Earth.

Our Gallery-Ready Masterpiece is created by stretching each canvas meticulously over a 2-inch deep wooden frame, delivering a ready-to-hang masterpiece that seamlessly blends into your living space.

Crafted uniquely by hand, our One-of-a-Kind piece brings an exclusive touch to your home, making every viewing experience a journey into the extraordinary.

SIZE: 10 x 20 

Cherish your piece for years to come! Clean and dust this artwork using a soft cloth (microfiber is preferred to avoid scratching the surface). To maximize the longevity of this piece, as with any artwork, avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.  

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